“I’am TashiTv of M3RK! I’m concentrated in many fields and walks of life. From gaming to sketching to music connoisseur to existentialist conversationalist. 
I record and upload game clips to my YouTube @TashiTv to streaming on twitch @tashitv926
I’m focusing on becoming a modern day poly math, my philosophy is to see and travel every path. I love sharing and feeling the good vibes, especially if it’s a passion in music, art, film and food. I’m part of a collective of motivated 3ager recognized killers, we on are way to the top with no intentions to ever stop. I welcome any and brothers and sisters to the M3RK family, and appreciate rather love anyone gives to support not just me but the M3RK family as a whole. This is a real home that focuses on the holy trinity mind, body and soul.
So please don’t hesitate to join in this abundance. M3RK or be M3RKED!!!!”