“I’am TashiTv of M3RK! I’m concentrated in many fields and walks of life. From gaming to sketching to music connoisseur to existentialist conversationalist. 
I record and upload game clips to my YouTube @TashiTv to streaming on twitch @tashitv926
I’m focusing on becoming a modern day poly math, my philosophy is to see and travel every path. I love sharing and feeling the good vibes, especially if it’s a passion in music, art, film and food. I’m a part of a collective of harmonious individuals in pursuit to become our higher selves, and we on are way to the top with no intentions to ever stop. I welcome any and brothers and sisters to the M3RK family, and appreciate rather love anyone gives to support not just me but the M3RK family as a whole. This is a real home that focuses on the mind, body and soul. My goal and motto in life is to always live life for the experiences and not find solutions to problems that can never be solved. Life is a experience, that we choose or choose not to be a part of. We are all defined by opportunities even the ones we miss, my goal is to share my empirical knowledge to help strengthen the mind body and souls of everyone I come in contact with. Lastly I'm proud to welcome in individual that wants to grow and help others grow including myself. Perspective is cage and yet also the key to our own realities, how will you choose to live, and how will choose to let that life define you. So please don’t hesitate to join in this abundance. M3RK or be M3RKED!!!!